Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners Organizes Bakery Cup of Countries-members of BRICS

In the framework of the Russian Federation's BRICS presidency, BRICS Bakery Cup will be held in Moscow, May 20 – 26, 2024.

The event will be organized by the Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners (RBC).

The purpose of the BRICS Bakery Cup is to strengthen the friendship of nations, unite people, promote an atmosphere of international solidarity, tolerance and peace, since bread has been a symbol of life, peace, goodness, prosperity and unity of nations for many centuries.

Teams of bakers from the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Iran, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia will show their skills in the art of baking.

In addition, business and cultural program will be organized for foreign delegations.

We invite you to attend this event.

Additional information is available on the website of the Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners.