Sergey Katyrin: Trade and Economic Relations Between Russia and Tajikistan Should Correspond to the Level of Political Dialogue

In Dushanbe, on September 15, a plenary session of the business forum of the chambers of commerce and industry of Russia and Tajikistan "Prospects for the development of trade and economic cooperation in new conditions" was held.

The forum was moderated by the President of the RF CCI Sergey Katyrin and the Chairman of the CCI of the Republic of Tajikistan Jamshed Jumakhonzoda.

In his opening remarks, Sergey Katyrin noted that Tajikistan is an important country for Russian enterprises, a promising market and we are interested in building up cooperation. The level of trade and economic relations does not correspond to the level of political dialogue. In 2021, we see a recovery, but at the same time it is clear that the reserves are far from being exhausted.

For the forum, 3 most promising areas for cooperation were selected: agriculture and food industry, agricultural engineering, light industry.

On October 11-12, a specialized exhibition of Russian agricultural machinery "Russian-Tajik Field Day" will take place in Dushanbe. The exhibition will feature modern domestic agricultural machinery and equipment. Among the participants there are the best agricultural machinery manufacturers, both the flagships of mechanical engineering (Rostselmash, Kirovets, Melinvets, Bonum) and small innovative companies (MilkAgroService, AgroTek) from different regions of Russia. The President of the Federal Chamber expressed confidence that the exhibition will be successful for both Russian and Tajik companies.

The forum was also attended by the President of the Moscow CCI Vladimir Platonov, President of the Central Siberian CCI Rafael Shageev and other representatives of the Russian and Tajik parties.

The ceremony of signing a number of agreements was also held:

- on cooperation between the chambers of commerce and industry of Russia and Tajikistan;

- on cooperation between chambers in the field of international commercial arbitration and mediation;

- on cooperation between the Moscow CCI and the CCI of Tajikistan.

By Chamber Press Service