The Chamber Hosted a Meeting of the Russia-Bahrain Business Council

Orientation towards business councils in the structure of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry helps to maintain viability, Vladimir Padalko, Vice President of the Chamber, said on April 7 at a meeting of the Russia-Bahrain Business Council. "None of our business councils stopped working after February 24 and remains in working order," the Vice President of the Chamber emphasized.


According to him, despite the curtailment of ties with Europe, contacts with business councils from friendly countries are not interrupted.


“We really need safe havens like Bahrain and companies will come over there. The immediate task of the Business Councils is to inform the business community about what opportunities remain and with what they can go to Bahrain,” said Vladimir Padalko, who believes that the countries of the Middle East reacted with restraint to the confrontation with Russia.


Bahrain is in many ways a gateway to other countries of the Persian Gulf, and we need to understand how to rebuild logistics chains, taking into account the use of Bahrain's opportunities. In this sense, we are positive and believe that we will overcome all difficulties, Vladimir Padalko emphasized.


The meeting was chaired by Chairman of the Russian-Bahraini Business Council Vladimir Dmitriev.


Anton Razlivaev, Deputy Director of the Department of Bilateral Cooperation of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, gave a brief info on the activities of the Russia-Bahrain intergovernmental commission and presented the potential for developing trade and economic relations between our countries. The Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Saudi Arabia Stanislav Yankovets spoke about the expectations of the Arab partners and the Persian Gulf countries from cooperation with Russia.


Vladimir Sidorov was approved as Executive Director of the Business Council at the meeting.


Cooperation between Russia and Bahrain takes place in the field of the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, agriculture, high technology and telecommunications. The partner organization of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Bahrain is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bahrain. The contractual and legal basis for relations is the Inter-Chamber Cooperation Agreement dated May 30, 1994.


By Peter Cheremushkin, Press Service of the Chamber