Katyrin: We will Provide Maximum Assistance to Entrepreneurs in the Domestic and Foreign Markets

To build a new financial settlement system is the main problem in the mastering of the new markets under sanctions. That is how the President of the Chamber, Sergei Katyrin, described the priority of his work in the new conditions of sanctions imposed on Russian economy. He spoke at a press conference in TASS on April 20, dedicated to new activities in foreign markets.


In relations with Africa, we should create a backbone bank through which we could carry out mutual settlements, Sergey Katyrin stressed. The most important problem is to study the market and how our products can be competitive in new markets. Sergey Katyrin noted that under the new conditions, most of the Business Councils that are part of the Chamber continued their activities. "We do not lose touch with anyone," he stressed. Special relations are formed with the Business Council of Belarus. We have recently received many foreign ambassadors who are interested in how we plan to work in the new conditions. “We do not reject anyone – Iran-Turkey, the Arab world,” Sergey Katyrin said. Great opportunities open up in cooperation with the countries of Latin America, but a significant problem remains the lack of information.


Our country and the Chamber have already been visited by many delegations from Asian and African countries. Potential partners understand that niches in the Russian market are being vacated, and there is a chance to occupy them. Most recently, the Russian-Iranian business forum was held in the Chamber, Iranian businessmen arrived, more than 300 people from the Russian side participated. Sergey Katyrin believes that there will be a continuation, and Russian business will more boldly enter the Iranian market, and Iranian business will come to us. In China, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation has two representative offices, a webinar was recently held, where it was discussed about further expanding ties. The Chamber is trying to organize the same communication with Turkish colleagues - this is all - concrete assistance to businesses in entering new markets.


Particular attention was devoted to the topic of force majeure (i.e. the issue of force majeure circumstances) in business relations. To date, the Chamber is working on 750 packages of documents, more than 150 certificates have already been issued. We are talking about foreign trade transactions, certificates of force majeure for them are issued only by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, for domestic transactions documents are prepared by territorial Chambers of Commerce and Industry. In connection with the sanctions, it was decided to issue such documents free of charge until the end of April 2022, the head of the Chamber concluded.


Sergei Katyrin, Sergey Gorkov, Head of the Rosgeologia Holding, Chairman of the Russian-Emirate Business Council, Huang Guolian, General Director of Huaxun Group, Uwem Sampson, Chairman of Nigerian Diaspora in Russia, General Director of Trailtrans Logistics  spoke about  the prospects for the development of economic cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation with partner countries, support for the foreign economic activity of Russian companies, development of exports and the process of import substitution under sanctions. 

The event was held online.

Chamber Press Office