In the Chamber the Time of the Exhibition Arabia-EXPO 2023 Announced

The next Arabia-EXPO exhibition will be held in Egypt in March 2023. This was announced on July 8 by the chairman of the Russian-Arab Business Council Tatyana Gvilava.


“Mark this time in your calendars for a trip to the exhibition, which will bring together businessmen from all over the Middle East,” said Tatiana Gvilava.


She spoke at the "round table" "New prospects for business cooperation with the countries of the Middle East: the possibilities of the system of trade missions of the Russian Federation abroad", held at the Congress Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.


The meeting was chaired by the Vice President of the Chamber, Vladimir Padalko, who introduced the trade representatives of the Russian Federation in the countries of the Middle East, who gathered at the round table and spoke in detail about the features of their host countries.

Andrey Terekhin, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the United Arab Emirates, called the UAE a “window of opportunity” for expanding cooperation with the region. According to him, the Emirates is a "hub" (connection point) of cooperation with the countries of Asia and even Australia, a financial center, a free trade zone, which provides great opportunities for establishing ties. "The Emirates show loyalty to our country and refrained from condemning the Russian special operation when voting at the UN," he recalled. Among the Arab countries, the UAE has taken the first place in terms of trade with Arab countries, overtaking even Egypt.


Terekhin noted, the number of missions and delegations coming to the UAE from Russia has become an avalanche.


Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Saudi Arabia Stanislav Yankovets noted a significant increase in trade turnover between Riyadh and the Russian Federation, emphasizing the key role in this of the visits of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud to Moscow in 2017 and Russian President Vladimir Putin to Saudi Arabia in 2019. He noted that the main component of cooperation with Saudi Arabia is trade in food and agricultural products. The largest Russian grain companies are represented in the country, he noted. Another important component in foreign trade with Saudi Arabia Yankovets called cooperation in the field of information technology - IT.

According to him, Russian pharmaceutical companies are also active in this market, creating joint ventures. “In Saudi Arabia, a course has been taken to localize all the best samples under the auspices of the Vision 2030 strategic program,” he said. There is a great interest in the educational sphere and there is an increased interest in the Russian experience in this regard.


Answering the questions of the round table participants, which was broadcast to the Russian regions, Stanislav Yankovets advised those wishing to enter the markets of the Middle East to prepare proposals in Russian and English and hold meetings via videoconferences to explain their proposals. Andrey Terekhin noted that when compiling requests from our entities to trade missions, it is necessary to understand the structure of the UAE market. For example, we often forget that the UAE is the largest aluminum producer, and they are offered to supply aluminum from Russia. He noted that pharmaceutical products, everything related to innovation meets with a bang!

Summing up the results of the "round table", Vice President of the Chamber Vladimir Padalko expressed hope that the exchange of information that had taken place would be usefully continued in practice.

Press Service of the Chamber