Vice President of the Chamber Congratulated the Workers of the Aluminum Industry

Vladimir Padalko, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, wished the enterprises of the aluminum industry to maintain their leading positions in Russian industry, speaking at a meeting held at TASS on July 12.


The meeting was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the start of aluminum production in Russia.

The Vice President of the Chamber recalled that many plans are related to the development of industry, large infrastructure projects (housing and urban environment, roads and transport infrastructure, energy, aviation, etc.), in which aluminum products are in demand.

“Therefore, it can be expected that the implementation of these and other strategic projects will contribute to the development of aluminum industry enterprises, the improvement of metal production technologies, the creation of new types of alloys, as well as an increase in economic and environmental efficiency,” he said.


Mr. Padalko wished the enterprises of the industry prosperity, and the Association of the Aluminum Industry - to continue to promote the interests of manufacturers in the same fruitful way to maintain its leading position.

On May 14, 1932, the first industrial batch of metal was received at the Volkhov Aluminum Plant (Leningrad Oblast). Over the past 90 years, Russia has become one of the leading aluminum producing countries and now firmly occupies a leading position as a supplier of primary aluminum.


Press Service of the Chamber


Photos by Anton Novoderezhkin (TASS)