Presentation of Pakistan at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Pakistan's export potential is not limited to textiles and leather goods, but the country can offer Russians many other goods, such as medical equipment, automotive parts and high-tech services. This was announced on Friday, February 17 by Trade Representative of Pakistan Shaukat Hayat Cheema, who held a presentation of the export-import capabilities of his country at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Director of the Department of External Relations of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Alexander Kopkov, who introduced the Minister (Trade & Investment) of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, noted that in the current conditions of reorganization of infrastructure and logistics structure, we would need knowledge of new markets and expressed gratitude to the guest for agreeing to present the capabilities of the country, which we, according to him, we don't know much. The meeting was held as part of the regular cycle "Hour with the Trade Representative" held in the Chamber.


The representative of Pakistan said that the main exports are to the European Union, the United States, China, and the United Arab Emirates. In the structure of imports, China ranks first, followed by the United Arab Emirates, the European Union, Indonesia, the United States and Qatar. Pakistan occupies a leading position in the six reforming economies.


In relations with Russia in 2022, trade turnover decreased and amounted to $363.5 million compared to $595.5 million in 2021, a Pakistani official said. After the start of the NWO, the trajectory of trade routes was disrupted, the trade representative said. Mainly because of the restriction of maritime transport, as well as because of the sanctions imposed on Russian banks, there were problems in the transfer of funds. Some Russian-Pakistani companies switched to transportation through Bishkek. During the meeting of the Russian-Pakistani intergovernmental commission in Islamabad this year, agreements were reached on cooperation in various fields.


The Trade Representative of Pakistan presented recommendations for Russian exporters on the establishment of joint ventures, and also invited them to participate in tenders and international trade exhibitions. The trade representative said that plastic products and petrochemical products are in great demand in Pakistan. We receive $100 million worth of legume products from Russia and export potatoes, he informed.


Saying that Pakistan is famous for its mangoes and basmati rice, Shaukat Hayat Cheema highlighted products such as medical instruments that Germany buys for re-export and soccer balls used in major world championships. The trade representative focused on the IT sector, where, according to him, 300,000 professionals work who produce software for the European Union and the United States. According to him, the presentation of Pakistan's production capabilities in the field of information technology deserves a separate time. He also pointed to the existence of special economic zones in Pakistan, where favorable conditions for doing business have been created.


Shaukat Hayat Cheema presented the opportunities for tourism in Pakistan, where the world's three largest high mountain ranges, the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram, are located. In Pakistan, you can see the remains of ancient civilizations and their extraordinary architecture.


The Trade Representative of Pakistan answered the questions of the webinar participants who connected to the presentation on the Internet.


By Press Office of the Chamber