"Round Table": "International Cooperation of Russia in the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Production of Medical Equipment"

On September 6, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, with the support of the Russian-Turkish Dialogue Association and the Russian-Azerbaijani Dialogue Association, a round table meeting "Russia's international cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry and the production of medical equipment" was held.

Vadim Vinokurov, General Director of Medargo, noted that after the imposition of sanctions, a number of large foreign multinational companies reduced their activity in the Russian pharmaceutical market. “As you know, Roszdravnadzor issued relevant documents, where he spoke about the withdrawal of more than two hundred drugs from the Russian market. This process continues, and it is still difficult to predict where it will stop and whether it will stop at all,” he stressed. According to Vadim Vinokurov, under these conditions, a great responsibility for the state of the Russian pharmaceutical market and providing the population with medicines falls on the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

Valery Sergienko, Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee on Entrepreneurship in Healthcare and the Medical Industry, recalled the importance of discussing international cooperation in this area. “First of all, we work for patients, and it doesn’t matter to the patient where the drug comes from, where the equipment comes from, it is important that these drugs are of high quality and affordable, and the equipment allows them to do everything necessary. Therefore, in situations where there are problems with full import substitution, contacts with friendly countries that have what we lack, can provide significant assistance,” the Chairman of the Committee noted.

The President of the Russian-Turkish Dialogue Association, Arsen Ayupov, outlined the problem of a shortage of a number of medicines, medical devices and equipment. In his opinion, overcoming this deficit is currently one of the main tasks facing the industry.


Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Azerbaijan Ruslan Mirsayapov spoke about the possibilities of Azerbaijan in terms of replacing the supply of pharmaceutical products, which are currently unavailable to Russians, and the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan Anton Loginov presented data on the state of the pharmaceutical industry in Kazakhstan.


The United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain) can become another area for effective international cooperation in medicine and pharmaceuticals for Russian business. According to Alexei Busev, Executive Director of the Russia-Emirates Business Council, today business partners from the UAE are willing to provide an opportunity for Russian entrepreneurship to maintain business activity on their territory.


The moderators were Maria Suvorovskaya, General Director of Business Dialog Media, Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Business Guide, and Vadim Vinokurov, General Director of the pharmaceutical company Medargo.

Press Service of the Chamber