The Chamber Hosted a Presentation of the Kirov Oblast

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a presentation of the economic, industrial and investment potential of the Kirov region. The region was represented by Governor Alexander Sokolov and members of the regional government.

Before the start of the official part, representatives of the Kirov Region delegation, together with the President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin and the Vice-President of the Chamber Maxim Fateev, inspected the exhibition in the foyer of the Congress Center.

It presented the products of the Kirov region, in particular, consumer goods, light and food industries, as well as brands of the region, known far beyond its borders. The excursion was conducted by the President of the Vyatka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union Andrey Usenko.

As Sergey Katyrin noted during the presentation, the Kirov region borders on nine Russian regions, which largely closes questions of sales and search for components for current and potential investors.


“In my opinion, a very serious set of preferences is provided for investors in the region. This gives advantages to the region, which is interested in implementing investment projects on its territory,” noted the President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Governor Alexander Sokolov told the presentation participants that forests occupy more than 60% of the territory of the Kirov region. In terms of logging and wood processing volumes, the region is one of the largest producers in Russia.


Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kirov Region Mikhail Sandalov presented a report on the development of machine tool industry in the region. For example, the LEPSE plant produces specialized lathes. 50 machines have already been manufactured and put into operation, which meet the latest requirements for machining and have a modern numerical control system. Companies from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, and the Nizhny Novgorod region showed interest in purchasing the plant’s lathes.

Milling, drilling, sharpening and grinding machines are produced by Vyatka Machine Tool Plant, Kirov Machine Tool Plant, Lesmaster Plus, woodworking machines - Stankoles-Trade, Pilotekhnika. Omutninsky Metallurgical Plant developed and began production of guides for linear bearings used in machine tools.


A report on the prospects for the development of the milk processing industry was presented by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kirov Region Yuri Tereshkov. Rector of Vyatka State University Valentin Pugach spoke about the training of engineering personnel.
At the presentation, a video was presented dedicated to the celebration of the 650th anniversary of the founding of Kirov in 2024.


A ceremony was held to sign a cooperation agreement between the Kirov region and Haier Electrical Appliances RUS. The document was signed by the regional governor Alexander Sokolov and Haier business development director Lyudmila Romanova.

During the day, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held round tables “Folk artistic crafts – the calling card of the region. Integration of crafts into the education and enlightenment system”, “Biotechnology as an element of the region’s investment attractiveness”, presentation of the tourism potential of the Kirov region and the program for celebrating the 650th anniversary of the founding of Kirov, as well as B2B meetings.


Press Service of the Chamber