President of the Chamber Katyrin at the Opening of the Primakov Readings Confirmed the New Geography of Markets for Russia

The IX International Scientific and Expert Forum “Primakov Readings” took place on November 27-28 at the International Trade Center in Moscow. The forum brought together famous experts, diplomats and politicians in the field of international relations and the global economy.

In his speech, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin emphasized that today it is very important to strengthen the dialogue with representatives of the business community of friendly countries, strengthen industrial cooperation, and identify new promising ways of technological partnership.
Katyrin expressed confidence that the so-called turn to the East has taken place - this is evidenced by the indicators of Russian foreign trade. According to the Federal Customs Service, trade with Asia today accounts for about 70 percent of Russia’s total trade turnover.

At the same time, cooperation with Europe is steadily declining. Thus, exports to Europe for 9 months of this year decreased by 70 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, imports from Europe fell by 10 percent. Exports to Asia increased by 10%, imports from Asia by 40 percent.


“Thus, today a new market configuration and a new geography are emerging for Russia. We believe that in the medium term, approximately this configuration will remain,” Katyrin said.

Among the main tasks that the system of chambers of commerce and industry sets for itself, he named the expansion of cooperation with the business communities of the CIS countries, the EAEU, the SCO, and BRICS; countries of the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.


Katyrin also added that the Russian Chamber aims to monitor the situation, maintain long-term established ties, and support those foreigners who remained in Russia and continue to participate in the implementation of launched projects.

At the opening, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee Yuri Ushakov read out Vladimir Putin’s greeting to the participants of the Primakov Readings.


In his speech, Yu. Ushakov noted that the period of global dominance of the West, which began with the era of great geographical discoveries, is now ending, and the world is “moving away from Western-centricity towards multipolarity.”

Ushakov also added that it is Russia, with the help of specific deeds and consistent policies, that contributes to the formation of a new world order and is the locomotive of this objective process.
Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Konstantin Kosachev said that Russia, together with the world majority, today defends a democratic world order, while the collective West behaves “extremely authoritarian.”


The President of the National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations named after Yevgeniy M. Primakov (IMEMO RAS), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Dynkin, spoke at the opening.
 By Nail Shakhvaliev, Press Service of the Chamber