Katyrin Presented the Initiatives of the Russian Presidency in the BRICS Business Council

On February 1, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin, who heads the BRICS Business Council, spoke at the session of the first Sherpa/Sous-Sherpa meeting in the year of the Russian presidency.

The meeting was chaired by Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia's Sherpa in BRICS.

Mr. Katyrin outlined the priority areas of activity of the BRICS Business Council in 2024, and also highlighted the main events with the participation of members of the BRICS BC, which are planned to be held in Moscow and Kazan.

The head of the Chamber expressed hope for the earliest possible full-scale involvement of the newly joined BRICS members in the work of the Business Council, calling on them to appoint their representatives to join the Council as soon as possible, both at the management and expert level - within the framework of industry working groups.

Chairman of the Russian part of the BRICS Women's Business Alliance Anna Nesterova and President of the Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners Yuri Katsnelson also spoke at the event.
They spoke about the activities of the organizations they lead in the BRICS space, as well as about the competitions and forums planned by these organizations. The presentations of the Russian side caused a lively discussion among the session participants.

An exchange of views took place on issues of developing interaction in such areas as transport and logistics, finance, investment, digital economy, as well as baking, women’s business, etc.


By Anastasia Baisheva,

Department of External Relations