Chamber President Sergei Katyrin Participated at Business Council Under Minister of Foreign Affairs

On February 6, Chamber President Sergei Katyrin took part in a meeting of the Business Council under the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov. At the event, pressing issues of supporting and promoting Russian business in the current geopolitical conditions were discussed.

As Sergei Lavrov emphasized, despite the open pressure of the “collective West,” anti-Russian steps do not find support from the overwhelming majority of states in the Global South, from all those countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America that pursue an independent foreign policy and are guided primarily by national interests.

Sergei Katyrin noted that Russian business today has to work in difficult conditions. Dramatic changes have occurred in the foreign economic environment. Due to its status, the Chamber is actively working to overcome negative trends, becoming an important channel for reorienting trade flows to the markets of countries loyal to us.

To achieve these goals, Sergei Katyrin emphasized, the tasks of consolidating and intensifying the efforts of the entire Chamber system, its affiliated structures and foreign apparatus are being solved to provide specific assistance to our entrepreneurs in finding alternative sales markets, in building reliable connections with business communities on “partner” geographic tracks .


By Dmitry Bystrov, 

Department of External Relations