Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova and General Director of Primakov Children's Fund Leonid Romanov Visited the Center with Kids from Belgorod

There are about 400 children from Belgorod in children's camps in the Moscow region. One of these children's centers located in Klin, MAU "Horizon" - on April 1, was visited by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatyana Moskalkova, the Ombudsman of the Moscow Region Irina Faevskaya, the head of the Klin city district Alena Sokolskaya and the general director of the Charitable Foundation "Children's Assistance Fund" named after E.M. Primakov" Leonid Romanov.

For hundreds of children staying at Horizon, the guests brought gifts of sweets, games for fun leisure and development, and books. The meeting turned out to be very warm and friendly, cozy. Everyone appreciated the decent conditions in which children live, study and spend their leisure time. The kids shared their impressions of being in the camp, talked about their hobbies, that they had already made new friends here, that they were surrounded by attention and care. Almost like home.
Tatyana Moskalkova expressed the hope that after such a warm and hospitable reception, “the children will take with them the kindest memories of the Moscow region.”
“Last year, our Foundation began providing targeted assistance to families with children, in particular, from those districts of the Belgorod region that are under shelling - Shebekinsky, Grayvoronsky, Krasnoyaruzhsky, Belgorodsky. A very tense situation has developed in the region, but not all parents are ready to let their children go, and not everyone can - I mean children with disabilities. But we are glad that at least some of the young Belgorod residents were here, safe, away from shelling, in good conditions. We are glad to see their smiles and good mood,” Leonid Romanov, General Director of the Charitable Foundation “Children's Assistance Fund named after E.M. Primakov,” shared his impressions of the meeting.
Let us remind you that nearby, also in the Klinsky district, there is one of two temporary accommodation centers supervised by the Foundation, where over 200 children from the DPR live.


“Children's Assistance Fund E.M. Primakov"