Vladimir Padalko: Business and Investment Environment in China will Remain Predictable

Vice President of the Chamber Vladimir Padalko commented on the results of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China

 - Speaking about the groundwork that was formed by the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China, we can assume that new faces in the Politburo will strengthen the position of the country's leader, which will definitely contribute to the planned reforms. As some experts expect, the appointment of Li Qiang, a supporter of technological entrepreneurship, to a high government post can give a new impetus to the digital transformation of the Chinese economy. I would like to believe that with his assistance, China will set an example for the rest of the world not only in the speed of digitization of all aspects of society, but also in how to ensure the outstripping growth of human intelligence over artificial intelligence.

The retention of the current Foreign Minister Wang Yi in the Politburo gives us reason to expect the PRC's foreign policy towards Russia to remain unchanged, but with less regard for the United States.

As for the ideological message of the congress, the desire of the Chinese friends to take responsibility for the future of the world and overcome the limitations of the Western model of development based on the idea of ​​colonial aggression and robbery of other countries deserves praise. The lessons of Chinese modernization, the desire of Chinese thinkers to transform and expand the Western model, seem to be timely and instructive.

The proposed alternative in the form of a “community with a common destiny for mankind” may have a bright future. To do this, it must be simple and understandable, its meaning and postulates in all languages ​​of the world and by all peoples must be interpreted and perceived unambiguously, be in harmony with nature, not contradict the moral and ethical principles developed by all mankind over thousands of years of history. It will have to take into account not only the Chinese specifics and developments in the transformation of the positive historical experience of Western civilization, but also, most importantly, the ideas and dreams about the image of the future that the rest of humanity has.

This also applies to business. The business environment of our countries is looking forward to what results the 20th Congress will bring to entrepreneurs, what form and rules the trade and economic cooperation of our countries will be in the coming new era. So far, we have heard from the leadership of the PRC about the immutability of China's already set course for international cooperation, in which the business and investment environment for foreign capital in the PRC will remain predictable. I would like to believe that the planned and ongoing purchases of new aircraft by China will mark the end of the “zero tolerance policy” and the beginning of a new stage in the establishment of business ties, the revival of tourism and related industries. This can truly breathe life into the economies of our countries.

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