The City of Lipetsk Developing Cooperation with Tadjikistan

On July 15, in the administration of the city of Lipetsk, a signing of a protocol of intent for cooperation between Lipetsk and the city of Khujand of the Republic of Tajikistan took place.


The event was attended by the head of the city of Lipetsk Evgenia Uvarkina, deputy chairman of Khujand Bakhtiyor Bokizoda, speaker of the city council Alexander Afanasiev, president of the Lipetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, director of the ANO "CEC of the Lipetsk Region" Anatoly Goltsov, first vice-president of the Lipetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, head of the Lipetsk export support center region Vasily Goltsov, representatives of state authorities, as well as entrepreneurs of the region.


- Khujand is the second largest city in Tajikistan. It has a long history, its own cultural and economic traditions. We are glad that our entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to get acquainted and establish business interaction with your city. There are already pioneers in the business environment of Lipetsk who do business with partners from Khujand. We gladly accept the offer to start cooperation and are ready to build economic ties together, develop export potential, - said Evgenia Uvarkina.


Bakhtiyor Bokizoda emphasized that for the leadership and business community of Khujand, Lipetsk entrepreneurs have long become almost family. “For two years now, a large delegation headed by Anatoly Goltsov has been coming to us, we communicate, exchange experiences. I am sure that the bridge of opportunities between our cities and countries will be built. Today and tomorrow we have a lot of work to do, we will establish business contacts and we will succeed,” said Bakhtiyor Bokizoda.


The delegation visited the Lipetsk Technopark. The acquaintance began with a visit to the Medsoft IT company. She is engaged in the creation of a comprehensive medical information system. Deputy Chairman of the city of Khujand Bakhtiyor Bokizoda became interested in technology and noted that one of the city's hospitals is currently being reconstructed in Khujand. Soon the specialists will begin the technical equipment of the institution. Therefore, they are ready to consider the products of the Lipetsk company for future cooperation. The guests visited the production facilities of other Technopark residents, including Soyuzrubinpolimer, Lets Trade, Lighting Products Plant, ETM-Production. The guests highly appreciated the innovative projects of the site and discussed the possibilities for further cooperation.


Press Service of the Chamber